From Love to Career: Asking the Right Questions with Tarot


Navigating through life's challenges and seeking guidance on our most pressing questions is a universal experience. From the throes of romantic uncertainties to the intricacies of our professional world, we're constantly seeking clarity and direction. Enter the mystical world of Tarot - a centuries-old practice that offers insights and perspectives on these very dilemmas.

While tarot can be a powerful tool in unraveling the mysteries of our lives, the efficacy of a reading often hinges on the questions we ask. But how do we frame the right questions? Let's delve into the art of question-asking in tarot, especially when it comes to love and career.

1. The Power of Open-ended Questions

Starting with a "yes" or "no" question can often limit the insight that the Tarot has to offer. Instead, frame your questions in an open-ended manner. For instance:

  • Instead of: "Will I get the job?"
  • Ask: "What do I need to focus on during my job interview?"

The latter provides a broader canvas for the Tarot to guide you, offering insights into strengths, potential pitfalls, or areas that might need attention.

2. Focus on Yourself

While it's tempting to ask questions about others, especially in love readings, it's more empowering to center the query on yourself.

  • Instead of: "Does John love me?"
  • Ask: "What can I understand about my relationship with John?"

This approach puts you in the driver's seat, giving you actionable insight into your feelings, the dynamics of the relationship, and potential paths you might consider.

3. Seeking Clarity, Not Predictions

Tarot is more about gaining clarity than predicting a set-in-stone future. It's best to approach it as a tool for understanding the current energies and patterns, rather than a definitive predictor of what's to come.

For career, consider:

  • Instead of: "Will I be promoted next year?"
  • Ask: "What energies surround my professional growth in the coming year?"

4. Digging Deeper

Sometimes, our primary concerns have underlying questions. When you tap into these, you can gain even deeper insights.

  • In love: Instead of just asking, "Is this relationship right for me?", probe further with "What lessons or growth does this relationship bring into my life?"

  • In career: Rather than "Should I leave my job?", ask "What are the pros and cons of staying in my current position?"

5. Embrace the Present

Understanding the present is the key to unlocking the future. Instead of being future-centric, sometimes it's beneficial to understand the present dynamics.

  • For Love: "What are the current strengths of our relationship?"
  • For Career: "How can I optimize my current role for maximum growth and satisfaction?"

Closing Thoughts

The Tarot deck, with its intricate imagery and symbolic depth, serves as a mirror to our subconscious, reflecting back the energies and patterns that shape our lives. By asking the right questions, we can harness its wisdom, gaining profound insights that guide our journey, from matters of the heart to our professional endeavors.

Remember, while Tarot offers a guiding light, it empowers us to shape our destinies. As you shuffle the cards and lay them out, know that you're not just seeking answers but engaging in a dialogue with the universe, a conversation that can illuminate the path from love to career and beyond.